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God, please stop saying Voldemort was unable to love and that that made him evil. You’re shifting the blame at that point and making it seem as though his entire character arc was unavoidable, that he was predisposed to be cruel. That’s not true. At all. Ever. One of the bigger themes that weaves itself throughout all seven Harry Potter books is the importance of choice, and making the right one even when it’s not the easiest. Voldemort CHOSE to devalue love, he CHOSE to detach himself from the emotion as much as possible through deliberate dehumanization (Jo says this explicitly in her “A Year in the Life” documentary. Please watch it). Don’t take that away from his character by pointing to love potion theories and being “born this way”.
And really, his choice is what makes the dichotomy between him and Harry so interesting: these similar boys with similar childhoods could not have turned out more different. Because Harry chose to still see the good in people, to love them, and to be good and be loved in return, despite the years of abuse and neglect he endured at the Dursleys. Voldemort chose to continue in fear and darkness. Don’t ever minimize that. You’re doing a huge disservice to the story and its belief that love is the most important power of all when you do.

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September 19th, 2014: Leaving her hotel in Athens, Greece

”Firstly, I don’t wear underwear. You know that. Secondly, I don’t sweat, I leak love.”


This is why I love Louisiana. 

 Nowhere else can you get this ambiance, this archaic hauntly beautiful atmosphere…