Rob curling into a fetal position cause he doesn’t want to sing. [x]


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess → Bosses

Peter Capaldi, photograph by Jason Alden

Like any other kid, I would make-believe
With a ball in my hand
I’d dribble right past
All the others real fast
And I’d be six-foot eight
And my jump shot was really great



the blood brothers - love rhymes with hideous car wreck

jane said when she laid on her back
the sun hit her body like an ugly landscape
but some things never get better
like used cars and bad livers
so you traded her in
for a better looking brand
one with fake porno tits
a pad lock on her lips
disposable tan
biodegradable hands

back at the hospital
you got no visitors at all
she visits you in your sleep
but that newspaper gown is always on fire

she met him a week after you left her
when you tossed out her touch to the garbage collector
he talked her out of her skirt in his beer-soaked apartment
and then they did all the things
you never said that you wanted
and the sirens are laughing underneath your skull
and your thoughts are turning dull, callous and cold
yesterday you gave your burden a name
yesterday you gave your burden a face

but your burden looks an awful lot like her


How to Take a Proper Selfie in Four Steps - a Santino guide

Step One - Announce that you are about to take a selfie

Step Two - 👌

Step Three - Take selfie with 21000 other people

Step Four - Take selfie with choir

Results should resemble the following:

If dissatisfied, repeat from step 1.

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