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ad astra

“black magic never stops. what goes from you comes to you. once you start this shit, you gotta keep it up. just like the utility bill. just like the grocery store. or they kill you.”


This is why I love Louisiana. 

 Nowhere else can you get this ambiance, this archaic hauntly beautiful atmosphere…


[magic and myth and monsters]

a southern gothic fairytale

hickory, oak, pine, and weed
bury my heart underneath these trees
and when a southern wind comes to raise my soul
spread my spirit like a flock of crows (x)

Drowning in duets. #NJPAC concert one week from today! @santinofontana #andyneedsinstagram



The Young Witches and Wizards’ Preparatory Academy of Magic is not one but two single-sex schools hidden deep within the misty green swamps of Louisiana. The schools are widely known amongst the American wizarding community for it’s infamous reputation of being the rowdiest academy for young wizards and witches resulting from a fierce inter-school rivalry cultivated through centuries of competition and trickery-wars. Students are frequenters of the headmistress and headmaster’s offices for hexing unsuspecting muggle wanderers, and hosting inter-school midnight dueling matches in the marshes. Legend has it that there is a gargantuan alligator, the unfortunate victim of various experimental (and ultimately irreversible) engorgio charms, lurking in the general vicinity of the schools, although no one has laid eyes on the beast in centuries.

southern gothic is a subgenre of gothic fiction unique to american literature that takes place exclusively in the american south. [x]

by Jacob…K


by sacraluna


AIN'T NO SUNSHINE- a creepy covers mix // {listen}  {part 1}

001. me and the devil (robert johnson)– soap&skin 002. sound of silence (simon & garfunkel)– emiliana torrini 003. what you waiting for? (gwen stefani)– marina and the diamonds 004. stand by me (ben e. king)– mona 005. ain’t no sunshine (bill withers)– cœur de pirate 006. in the air tonight (phil collins)– kelly sweet 007. i put a spell on you (screamin’ jay hawkins)– nina simone 008. running up that hill [a deal with god] (kate bush)– placebo 009. dreams (fleetwood mac)– the kills 010. don’t fear the reaper (blue öyster cult)– gus 011. the beautiful people (marilyn manson)– scala + the kolacny brothers