ilia❝ th-thank you so much for this. um, if you don’t mind me asking, what’s your name? link?! ……… i will never in all my life forget your kindness, link.
telma: ❝ 
little lady, i think you’d best save your thanks until we’re safe in kakariko.


Saw these in the window at WWoHP Honeydukes and thought of fudgeflies!

I am so good-looking, my goodness.

Santino Fontana and Laura Osnes - Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful


nicole’s top 100 musical theater tracks → #90 do i love you because you’re beautiful? (rodgers & hammerstein’s cinderella obc 2013)

"do i love you because you’re beautiful,
or are you beautiful because i love you?
am i making believe i see in you,
a girl too lovely to be really true?
do i want you because you’re wonderful,
or are you wonderful because i want you?
are you the sweet invention of a lovers dream,
or are you really as beautiful as you seem?”


revisiting the princess diary- favourite moments [18/?] laura, tammy, jess and santino visit disney world

request a moment

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*listens to arctic monkeys for the first time*


*5 minutes later*



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Harry Potter inspired photoshoot, Vogue Japan Oct. 2013 

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